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You will live the best

American experience

Why study

in the USA?

  • World's leading educational system

  • Academic programs adapted to each student

  • Institutions with the best resources to develop talent

  • Combining studies and sports to perfection

  • Cultural, sports and social activities

  • Fluency in English

Our services

Boarding Schools

Residential Academies


The most challenging part for any student or family interested in finding the best boarding school or college is finding the one that fits their needs. Our team brings a collective experience of 10 years helping them to find the right option according to the student's profile. The main aspects to consider are:

  • Grades

  • Level of English

  • Test scores

  • Recommendations

  • Sports performance

  • Financial capability of the family

We also have boarding school partners throughout the U.S. Those in our exclusive network are located primarily in the Northeast, near New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

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