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Boarding schools

A different way to live and learn


Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are targeted for students in grades 9 - 12 where they will lead a healthy, balanced life. During their studies they will build confidence, strive, take risks and reinvent their potential in all areas of their development. There are numerous opportunities outside of academics where they will enjoy sports, activities, clubs, and events designed to bring students together in small groups and as a unique community.

What is it like to

play soccer in a boarding school?

Students are provided with a training methodology focused on individual improvement and team strategies along with an academic program where they have access to a wide network of resources throughout the school year. Individualized strength and conditioning training, opportunities to play in tournaments and exhibition events, exposure to college coaches, and guidance in transitioning from school to college are also available.

What is it

like to study in a boarding school?

Students will live an extraordinary academic and sports experience full of adventure, challenge, fun, diversity, acceptance and community. Teachers in the classrooms promote critical and creative thinking by providing challenging assignments to promote integral development. It is a unique opportunity that leads to a life full of opportunities.

What is

campus life like?

Students live in one of the campus houses or dormitories just a few minutes away from the facilities. In addition to studying, they will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of community life, including extracurricular activities which are an important part of their daily life. These activities include sports competitions, theater, music, movie nights, dinner with friends and many more. There are always teachers on campus in case students need extra help.

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Our athletes are in

Boarding Schools such as

School admission decision and final selection.

Preparation and completion of travel details.

Student arrives at school.

School selection and management, financial aid process for the next

academic year.

Preparation of student profile, documentation, admission tests, TOEFL, SAT.

Preliminary evaluation.

Deadline to apply to schools.

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