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We believe that combining sport and education is best accomplished through U.S. boarding school opportunities.
Global Education & Sports Partners

Who we are

Global Education & Sports Partners (GESP) was founded in 2019 as an educational consulting firm. We focus on working with student athletes, both boys and girls, who are looking to play sports at a boarding school while they study. We focus mainly on soccer; however, we also help students who play other sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, rowing, skiing, volleyball and track and field.

What we do

Be part of GESP

Sports and studies

We combine the passion of sport and studies at renowned boarding schools.

Application Process

After an initial interview with a prospective student and family, we evaluate their profile to provide three ideal target school choices.

The top boarding schools

We seek the top boarding schools for kids to develop as students and athletes.


We offer our experience and expertise at every stage of the process

Sports and studies


Athletes are fulfilling their dream


Years of collective experience


Boarding Schools

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